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We are only able by those who are dedicated and seasoned professional to providing quality care and committed to serving patients.

UHG have always been remaining the dynamic and employer as a hospitalist group of choice because we always care of best available talent. It is our philosophy that secure career path that provides opportunities for advancement is an important differentiator for our company. UHG is preemptive in working with its physicians to groom their careers in many ways:

Be a part of leading hospitalist group.

Grow your career with continuous professional development.

Have opportunity to be part of best management team in hospitalist group.

With dedication and task-oriented nature, our physicians have the flexibility to apply their enhanced skills to new responsibilities anywhere nationwide to grow their career. We provide opportunity to relocate any state/ town of their choice. Due to our unique way of team building, we have grown to be one of the leading hospitalist groups nationwide.

Continuing Professional Development

UHG believes that continuous professional development is a critical and rapidly evolving priority. UHG has wide-ranging programs to meet the needs of its hospitalist providers at each stage of their career. We have structured program training from newly hired professional to all level of professionals that are our part since long time. We are always for hiring of our new-hire training program teaches appropriate billing and coding, medical records documentation, risk management and healthcare economics. IPC also offers CME programs designed to maintain and enhance skills in other key areas such as clinical leadership and communications. Additionally, we sponsor regional and national leadership conferences for our providers to promote the informational exchange and sharing of best practices with their IPC peers.

Join our Team. Experience the Difference.

With dynamic and dedicated seasoned professionals, we always struggle to transform the nationwide healthcare delivery system that is capable of not only to fuel our own growth, but it has also capacity to play a role in the development of the fastest growing movement in medical history.

Physician Recruitment

Be a part of dynamic team. Experience the Difference. As a professional, you might have many career opportunities in the field of hospital and critical care medicine. As the leading dynamic hospitalist and intensivist provider, we are striving to be employer of choice for highly committed professionals. To being a part of innovative and dedicated team, we make commitment you to help you achieve your professional and career goals.