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To have robust support infrastructure and best talent available for patient care, a huge amount of financial resources is required.

Opportunities always prevail for hospitalist and intensivist groups to combine with UHG to capitalize on a comprehensive operational support platform. Being a partner of successful local or regional hospitalist and/or intensivist practice with UHG offers valuable advantages including:

High Quality Business and Clinical Leadership Support

Best available resources in industry

Hospitalist and/or intensivist-designed Program Management Platform

Comprehensive Patient Care Support

Secure and Sound Financial Resources to Support Growth

Unique Partnership Approach for Sustained Success

Partner Your Hospital

With our nationwide base of operations– from larger tertiary teaching hospitals to small community hospitals, LTACs and SNFs – we have unique experience of understanding of industry norms and practices. We have the knowledge of both the common success factors and the individual nuances necessary for success in a hospitalist program.

With our seasoned professionals and robust infrastructure, UHG has always worked to value to hospitals across the nation. The combination of our technology and infrastructure leads to efficiencies and economies of scale that strive to cost cutting and increase high quality patient care.

Some of the goals our hospitalists work toward for the facilities they serve include:

Provide high quality patient care

Develop financial independence for their practice to reduce costs for their facility

Enhance clinical standardization and compliance

Improvements to ER throughput

Lower lengths of stay

High standards for core measure clinical performance

Partner with Physician

Hospital practices are focusing specialties and best talent, to get hired with good hospital is becoming challenge that it makes a great deal of career and business sense to join forces with the largest and most successful provider of hospitalists. Our experience in selectively partnering with other well-known groups helps to forge local strengths and relationships with our national infrastructure.

For those practices considering to be part of UHG, we propose them an excitingrange of returns:

Unique and progressive commitment to quality

Dedicated national recruiting effort

Experienced national and regional executive management

An integrated transition management program that includes a post discharge call center

The solid financial resources in the hospitalist industry