Our Philosophy

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We know your needs and try to fulfill them.

From the day one, we have the philosophy that every client is unique for us. Always assess the needs of every client as unique and solve them according to client needs. We develop a customized hospitalist and intensivist solution that aligns with client specific hospital's operational and financial goals. We start with a conversation and a comprehensive data analysis. From there, we will work closely with your key stakeholders to propose the most effective fit for your unique setting.

We are here to help you in any kind of services ranging from management to complete business process outsourcing. As we are having the experience to serve from larger community hospital to small practice, we are here to serve you with our expertise beyond acute care hospitals as we innovate across the care continuum in to long term care and skilled nursing facilities.

At UHG we understand the importance of quality services. For achieving our goals, we follow the following path:

Leadership through Innovation

We believe there is no end in the race of quality. We continuously strive to serve our clients with new techniques and training of our professionals. It is vital for us, on a practical level, we expect every UHG employee and physician to have and exhibit solid organizational and clinical leadership skills. But we know that they cannot it alone. We take it as our own responsibility and have developed a system for training and development to which every employee has access.


Having lead role and with excellent skills in industry across the nation we can assure you that your growth through partnership to quickly achieve your hospital’s quality and financial goals. To reengineer the hospital or critical care medicine program is an extremely complex process, and no two hospitals have the same inpatient management needs. Our approach to change is that "We do not recommend change for you but we put change in your process with you."

Retain the Best Resources

At UHG, we are always concerned and always take every possible step to collaborate with our partners to have best resource with optimal staffing models to optimize delivery of care, physician satisfaction, and recruitment in your particular marketplace.

UHG always believes that result in a successful hospitalist and intensivist program include:

Having the best resource to serve partner with best possible quality of services.

At every step take step to measure and evaluate the performance of resources through comprehensive quality Management Program.

Comprehensive program for staff and physicians training and awareness to current technologies and challenges.

We always believe in technology

Technology is question of survival for us. It is basic part of our routine work, technology impacts our daily lives. In healthcare, the impact touches every aspect of our partner experience throughout their continuum of care.

UHG technology applications deliver detailed results to our clients to highlight value, pinpoint areas for improvement and create strategies for smart growth.

Most importantly, the patient care experience is enhanced by physicians who are supported by the latest technology has to offer.