EHR Solutions

Ehealth Electronic Health Record (EHR) is a systematic collection of electronic health information services designed for individual patient as well as populations. Our digital information system is capable of being shared across different health care setups. Ehealth EHR service include wide range of data, including Patient Demographics, Medical History, Medication, Lab Test results & History, Radiology reports and Personal Statistics such as Personal Information and Billing information.

Ehealth EHR Features

Everything you practice requires smooth management with perfect integration into scheduling and billing.

Secured Information over different mediums

Digital Tracking System

Electronic warnings and reminders

Electronic orders, reports, and results

Our EHR Main Features

Patient Encounter

E-Documentation & Image Management


Laboratory results & orders

Integrated Fax and Unified Messaging

Privacy & Security

Quality Assurance and Reporting

We believe that Our Expertise Provide You Quality Care and Maximize Profitability.

Our start each project with full focus being a unique project with a thorough onsite assessment. Analyzing client specific goals and developing a tailored proposal to meet client's needs. Whether your customized solution is a comprehensive hospitalist program or management of an existing one, UHG will deliver key components necessary to meet your specific goal and dramatically increase ROI delivered through:

Hospitalist Management Solutions

  • A comprehensive solution for hospitals to outsource and manage the complete operations.
  • Capacity enhancement and performance improvement for hospitals.
  • Benefit of joining us

    We help you to provide quality care and maximize profitability.

    Improve CMI, patient flow, and length of stay.

    Increase referrals from primary care and specialty physicians.

    Enhance billing procedures and performance.

    Efficient staffing and resource allocation.

    Improve patient safety and overall quality of care.

    Increase patient satisfaction.

    Increase physician satisfaction.

    Increase overall bottom-line.

    Practice Management Solution

    Ehealth MSO Practice Management System (PMS) is state-of-the-art solution which covers all of your day-to-day operations of your medical practice. PMS handle, control, and maintain all processes of your work flow.

    Ehealth PMS brings you:



    Increase overall bottom-line.

    We bring you an ultimate solution with extensive benefits to increase your,



    Claim Acceptance.

    Integrity and Security.

    Robust Payments.

    SOPs and SLA’s Compliance.

    Patient Satisfaction.